She is the best provider out there... The pictures are real and she is perfect. Her body is a ten and her face is also a ten, she also smells and tastes great... if she was in my home town i would visit once a week... this is a must for anyone who has high standards!
First Class Experience with the Pink Lady! Highly recommend!
Looked just like the pictures online. I had an amazing time. I'm hoping to see her again. She is just how I like it, big booty, huge tits, and still has awesome form to her body. I really loved traveling to Greece with her. It was my first time to Greece and can’t wait to go again!
She is very beautiful really big breasts, nice ass, beautiful smile gorgeous lips and sexy eyes. So I was on my way to a party and I felt like seeing a provider (it's been forever… been preoccupied with a few girls I'm dating). I saw her ad and decide to call her because she seemed pretty to me and I've been wondering about her for a while. I called and she said I could head her way and that she was available. We met and after I saw her I was paralyzed with her nice bubbly attitude and she was exactly as her pictures looked but hotter in person. In the room she took of my pants and gave me the very best Bbbj I’ve ever had! It was very deep and slow with lots of tongue action. It felt pretty nice she did this for about 5 min and I was ready to fuck. She started on top of me with some nice cowgirl. She was grinding back and forth not really up and down which felt really good and we continued this for a good while. I was enjoying watching her titties bounce and was enjoying grabbing on her ass while she fucked me. After a while she asked me to get on top and I did. I started kissing her up and down her neck as I gently went in and out for a while then I sped up. I was about to blow so I slowed down a bit but it was too late. I laid there for a second and caught my breath… then I got up. We sat there and had a nice chat about how she started providing and how I started hobbying. We also talked about each other plans. We then hugged and was on my way. Overall a great experience she was a cool chick and I'd definitely repeat.
Very pretty and an amazing body. Beautiful breasts, waist and a great backside. WOW! She definitely changed my stance on thick ladies. Very nice, friendly and knows how to set the mood. Amazing oral skills, had to start thinking of something else to keep from exploding early. Pink Lady is one lady I will see each time she comes to town even if I have to call into work sick. Her skin is soft and firm with breasts do die for. Firm and stand on their own. Very clean, big booty and smells great. All I can say is I hope she makes more trips up north.
If you like MILFs, you can't go wrong here...
She is very pleasing. If you want a perfect PSE, then She will not disappoint. I'll continue to see her. A must see!
For all the men who love thick women then you'll love her, pictures are accurate and she looks even better in person. She saw me first thing as soon as she arrived in Edmonton just as she had planned beforehand. I had to change my schedule and wait a few days to see her, and she was completely worth the wait! Her Bbbj was extraordinary, but her fucking skills were on a whole different level than most women. With hips like hers she knew how to use them and she did very well. I got the opportunity to see her three times this past weekend and she was even cool enough to just hang out and have drinks with me at the club no charge of course just chilling, I will hopefully see her again one of these days if we happen to be in the same location!
Wow! What an enchanting, beautiful and intelligent woman! I would see again... and again... and again… and again!
Had the pleasure of meeting Pink Lady twice now. The first time was getting to know each other. She had flat tire on the way but kept me up to date on the progress and eta. The second time we both felt more comfortable but both sessions were great. She has a killer body. She has a sweet personality. For me she hits all the buttons. In our first session she let me know that extras were available but sometimes you’re not quite sure that can mean. She did have to drive a distance and we agreed on a 2 hour session + extras. We both knew what to expect on our next date so below are the details on a wonderful time together. Two hours of bliss. We met at my hotel and Pink Lady was on time and in a beautiful dress. I had picked us up some wine so we began chatting and catching up. As we talked hands began to roam and soft sensual kisses became very passionate. It was not long before her dress was as laying on the other bed and we were enjoying a wonderful make out session. Removing her bra... ahhhh... as her beautiful tits fell softly in my hands. They are real and they are spectacular. I began to explore and worked my way down for a wonderful dining experience. She is slow to start but gets heated once you find the spot. She will encourage you with her soft moans and movements that let you know she is enjoying herself. We relaxed for a little bit and she took over with what I have come to enjoy the most about her. She knows what I like and she began a wonderful BBBJ. Her talents with oral are AWESOME. After enjoying her warm swirling tongue and taking in all of me, we slipped under the covers. She lay back on the bed and I entered her slow and easy but the pace soon became more intense until I lost it. Pink Lady and I sipped some more wine while playing around, teasing, chatting about the things we like. She is sexy, soft, engaging in intelligent conversation. I am sure I have not begun to give all that she can handle as I am much older than she is. She started round two and had the talents to bring my friend to life. We moved to several positions including a sucking contest in 69. Moving again I savored her efforts and while standing beside the bed with her not missing a beat as I came all over her tits. What a sight with my cum dripping from her breasts and her big wide smile looking up at me. She has become someone I enjoy spending time with and she knows how to please me. Be nice to her, she is a treasure and I can't wait until next time!
Had the honor of meeting a lady with a rare mix of beauty, brains, magnetism and eroticism.
Pink Lady is a classy, intelligent, personable woman. She is amazingly discreet, and makes you feel better than you thought you could.
GREAT EXPERIENCE! We exchanged dozens of texts, she was professional and very very friendly. Pink Lady is everything I had hoped for and even more. She is beautiful, sensual, elegant and smart. She does everything in her power to make sure you are happy. I bought her two of her favorite bottles of wine, flowers and a Amazon gift card (I suppose it’s just my southern upbringing and manners). I originally schedule for 90 minutes but I extended to 2 hours thats how much fun I had. Can’t wait to see her again! She and I sat on the couch of my hotel, drinking wine and chatting, laughing, and DFK kissing. She was wearing a really sexy dress, I noticed she wasnt wearing any panties HOT HOT HOT so... I decided to go down on her for some amazing DATY. She gets REALLY wet HOT HOT, she gave me an amazing BBBJ but I couldnt take it anymore, she sat on top of me still wearing her dress, she is really tight. So tight! We tried different positions cowgirl, reverse cow girl, doggie. Had a wonderful time with a wonderful woman. Pink Lady is a really nice lady, very sexy with a great personality.
Pretty, sexy, sweet, friendly and an excellent kisser. Wonderful time and highly recommended!
Pink Lady is such a treasure that I had to see her twice during my stay. I recall both sessions perfectly and I often drift away thinking about my time with her. She is that sexy and beautiful and confident too, you can be yourself with her. Most men would want to meet her, in public or behind closed doors. I think she's versatile and sophisticated enough for any type of companionship. I visited her twice, both times she was wearing skimpy outfits. Actually the second time she wasn't wearing much at all. Her body is amazing. I have to agree with her decision not to overdress herself, why would you cover that magnificent body in unnecessary clothing? I was itching to touch her and she let me carry out a light sexy massage. I touched and grabbed what I wanted. To arouse her even more I leaned for DFK then sneaked in between her legs for some DATY. She got wet, her nipples were perky and the sounds she made got me so excited I could've cum like a young boy. I thought we were going to take a long break she pulled me on top and screamed "take me now, I am yours!". We did missionary for a while then cowgirl and then she wanted k9. I did not want to stop and would have done this all night but with a hot woman like her I had no chance and did not last long. I grabbed her ass and she pushed herself into me. She had an intense orgasm. Those last few seconds were so intense we had to catch our breaths and we collapsed smiling. We had a little chat and wrapped up our session. Our second meeting came several days after, it was somewhat similar and yet very different. She greeted me almost naked and did a sexy dance for me while she removed my clothes, I had the pleasure of licking her again, then some Bbbj and 69 and we repeated some positions. My climax was just as intense as hers. It's mind-blowing what good chemistry can do, Pink Lady is so great I would DATY her all night, she made me so happy. I'm very excited at the thought of having another session with her and keep this going indefinitely. She is a 10/10 for me, she's rare and flawless and a MUST SEE!
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Sometimes I bookmark providers I want to see and on a recent trip to Calgary. I was torn between three women with Pink Lady being on top of my list. She got back to me on time and we had a nice chat about our upcoming date. Lingerie and wardrobe topics came up as well. There were some issues with my suite the day of our rendezvous but she was very sweet about it. I'd see her again. She has a timeless, striking appearance and charm you don't see every day. The dress she had on was elegant, with definite wow factor and I liked the lingerie she chose. A LOT. I did not plan to meet her empty handed and I gave her a little present. After introductions we had wine and chatted about my hotel issues and other stuff. I was very attracted to her and she was into me alright and we got lost in the heat of the moment, caring only about DFK and getting naked asap. Started with DATY which was yummy and loud in a sexy way. She dropped on all fours to focus on my cock giving me a 10 out of 10 bareback and SWALLOW. We relaxed chatting and lying around in bed, had some nice cuddles then started a second round with BBBJ, cowgirl and a hot and fast paced doggy in the restroom. We took the sweat off in the shower and she decided to put on the lingerie I bought her. I was right about the size, she looked beautiful in it! She noticed we had some time left and got me ready for a final quickie. What a day! I know I might have left a few things out but I don't want to give you too many spoilers. See for yourself!
Pink Lady was great!! I saw her twice and recommended her to two of my golf buddies while she was in town. Her pictures do not do her justice she was a pleasant delight with looks, personality was amazing sexually!
I have seen her several times over the past 17 years. She is my favorite escort... Looks even better than in her pictures and tastes so good. I Have seen her multiple times. She is my absolute favorite escort. She is SO SEXY. And her personality is really cool. On my second visit to see her, she told one of her friends that I would "Eat her out of house and home" and believe me I tried several times. She tastes so good and feels so good and tastes so good. She is even more beautiful and sexy than in her photos . And she enjoys what she does but keeps it real too. Her body is that of a goddess and her services are top notch. I have seen close to 100 escorts and she is the one I always think of first. I would recommend her to anyone. Treat her right though... she's first class.
Absolutely the "Real Deal”
A buddy of mine kept talking about a provider who has been keeping herself under the radar, but was a definite keeper. I decided to give her a call... The best decision I've ever made! She is something that cannot be described. A perfect mix between a an Amazing Fuck Toy, a Rocking Body, Terrific Attitude, Wonderful Conversationalist! My first session was so hot, I had been calling and texting her waiting to become a regular. Services were perfect, walked in, talked for a little bit. She has a nice upscale home that's a safe Incall Location that's in a really quiet neighborhood. She welcomed me wearing a nice set of Lingerie and lacey panties and a garter belt with black silk stockings. Wow! Got to her room and off to the races! She is great at giving a bbbj. Very energetic and eager. She is also very accommodating... DATY, BBBJ, MSOG, SWALLOW, GREEK... and that ASS... what an ass for a white chick! She loves anal and gulped me in every orifice with enthusiasm until she swallowed the fruits of our labor. She's wicked fun, too, dancing around to tease me before just unleashing that sexuality all over me. She kissed and cuddled with me and was so refreshing. She's a real wild one and a great way to spend an afternoon or evening with. Highly recommended!
Red Deer and Lethbridge are very LUCKY to have this Sexy Beautiful Lady! TREAT HER WELL! PINK LADY IS WELL WORTH THE CALL!
What a stunner she is! Wow! Mature, sexy curves and a body to die for! Easy to schedule through texts. New girls make me hold up my breath when I opened the door but she just melt my anxiety away. She was dressed in all-black wearing a shirt, sexy pencil skirt, heels, pretty much the office attire I requested. I was very happy, invited her in, she smiled, gave me a hug and a light kiss. We originally talked about having a 90minutes meeting but she actually stayed two hours since I really liked her and was in mood to hit the bar downstairs. Pink Lady is a true courtesan, soft spoken, well traveled, very nice to talk to, the opposite of boring really. Time flew so fast! Spent about an hour at the bar… she whispered to me and looked at me with those big sexy eyes and I realized that was my cue... so we went up… She behaved herself on our way up but back in the room she got wild, gave me an extremely passionate DFK then ran to the bathroom promising me a naughty surprise. Man, she didn't just wear a black two-piece, she had the whole sexy outfit with garter belt and the panties were actually a thong showing off her ass in all its splendor. She stared at me with sexy bedroom eyes, instructed me to lay on the bed and she joined me, straddling me, grinding her body all over me and kissing me. She paused to take off her bra without moving an inch, took my shirt off and went back to DFK then slowly moving south, found a fully erect cock and instead of playing with it she went straight to BBBJ. It was good, too good, I was on the verge of exploding so I had her sit on all fours and pumped for as long as I could but there was no delaying it. We made out some more and oddly enough my cock was sending all the right signals and I was up for round two and final one. I rarely come twice in a session but I was willing to try. She got on top and started grinding and jiggling up and down my cock.Whaaat? I had another orgasm and my mind turned blank for a few seconds. Pink Lady and I rested and spent whatever time we had left chatting casually. Nothing like some fun pillow talk to end the session naturally. She said she 'd love to see me again which I truly hope so because she's incredible.
I checked out her website, loooved her pics so I contacted her by text to ask her when she thought she could come by. My expectations were not low, say medium due to her absence but don't let this stop you, Pink Lady was a breath of fresh air, provides an awesome experience and is so great at what she does, she is one of the most renowned women in the business. Her personality and physical aspects were top notch too: long legs, round ass, nice eyes, big smile and a super attractive face. Give yourself a day to remember and book Pink Lady! . I have a thing for sexy women in jeans and a shirt so I was not in a hurry to take those off yet. And I was feeling kinky that day, I kissed her passionately, she kissed me back and got really into it to my delight then bent her over a piece of furniture and pulled her jeans down. I was standing behind her and did not let her watch what I was doing. I was going for a more tactile experience, reaching down to feel her pussy then really digging my face in there to dine at the Y. What a nice piece of ass! And that pussy, clean, fresh and...she snapped me back to reality grabbing my dick and licking it and the boys. I was rock hard by now, I led her to the bed where she propped her ass up and I fucked her from behind changing to lazy doggy a minute or two before climax. We stayed in bed, gathering new forces for round 2. I didn't want to fuck there again, we chose another piece of furniture and I fucked her senseless and almost tipped down the furniture! There was a lot going on in that room, luckily the walls were thick and no one heard us… I think. I took a nap after she left and I slept like a baby. I will certainly be calling her again!
Pink Lady delivers the consummate girlfriend experience. And she's incredibly beautiful. Just book her. Her face is heavenly. You get lost in her eyes, her ultrasoft lips, her fruity smelling hair. But her breasts are pierces and are perfectly sized and shaped for a man's enjoyment. My mouth met her fantastic breasts and my tongue rolled over and over her nipples and her rings as my cock gently nudged her thighs apart. She moved my head up for a passionate DFK and I stood up to hold her face in my hands and hungrily devour her lips and tongue. Her hands were at my hips and then drew together and gripped my trembling member. She kneeled and began a BBBJ in a swirling wet sucking motion. The vacuuming sensation quickly intensified. I had to forcefully move her head off my cock to prevent a standing orgasm. I laid her down and began a gentle DATY session. She tasted heavenly. We switched places and she resumed the best damn cock sucking I have ever experienced. Wet, slurping, deepthroating me, rapid tonguing, stroking, ball sucking, back to deepthroating me. We began in cowgirl. She began to bounce on my cock, leaning forward, which provided excellent stimulation for us both. Next we switched to missipnary, which was fantastic. I could gaze on her gorgeous face, DFK, embrace her breasts and slide my cock as deeply as I could. I pounded full force to the hilt and then I shuddered at the explosive release deep inside her. We resumed our talk and kissed and hugged me once more before I left. Pink Lady treats you like a lover. And you’ll fall like one.
When a provider I had wanted to see for quite a while cancelled. I was wondering what I should do. Found this doll on Backpage and like me she was visiting Cranbrook. I am actually glad the other provider cancelled. This mature gal is gorgeous and has that famous Italian ass. She ran a few minutes behind so I waited in my car. Once in her room she was ready to rock and roll. I had brought some wine and we started to drink but all she wanted to do was have fun. She was wearing a dress which took off immediately to reveal a please do me body. Can't wait to see her again! After a quick sip of wine she undressed and then took the liberty of taking my clothes off and then pretty much asked where I wanted to get one of the most fantastic BBBJ I’ve ever had. She had me sooooo excited I couldn’t hold back. I came so hard down her throat, my toes curled and tried to catch my breath. And we were just getting started! There was a chaise in the hotel room so it was really sexy. Next I tasted her fresh tasting pussy. She enjoyed that for a while and we switched to 69. She was so fresh and sweet and very tasty. Had some wine and cuddled and she wanted me in her. We started in missionary and then reverse cowgirl. What a sight and she loves to kiss. I came and almost passed out. I had requested that I try Greek but she was a bit hesitant because of my size or as noted above maybe another appointment. In any regards I asked if I could do doggie and she obliged. Again, what a freaking ass. I want to do Greek the next time with adequate preperation. I couldn't cum again, but I hope to see her again real soon. There is hot and she is simply just HOT HOT HOT!!!
Saw Pink Lady was visiting Red Deer and made an appointment. Got a response within 15 minutes and was provided the hotel. The next day I arrived at the hotel and texted her to let her know I arrived, she texted the room number and went to her room. I knocked on the door and it opened with her hiding behind the door. When I saw her standing there, I hope my mouth didn't drop open. She is georgeous. She greeted me with a smile and kissed first off and then dfk. She is prettier than her pics, is very easy to talk to and wants you to have a great time. I am so glad I met her, I had an amazing time with her and I will definitely see her again! She was wearing lingerie which accentuated her boobs, ass and legs. She is prettier than her pics. We hugged and kissed first light kissing, then deep kissing . We walked over to the bed and deep kissing some more where I squeezed her ass while she rubbed my cock. We talked a little while she unbuttoned my belt and unzipped my pants. I proceeded to take my clothes off while she took her lingerie off revealing those breasts and only panties. She laid on the bed while I stood there and started to give me a really nice bare bj . It felt fantastic as she would alternate between my balls and my dick. I then laid on the bed and she was so ready for round one. We started in cowgirl where I played with her breasts while she rode my cock. I really loved the site of this beautiful lady riding my cock. We deep kissing while we were doing cowgirl. We did a few variations of cowgirl, then went to doggy and I got a great view of her very nice ass. I pounded her doggy style which she was really enjoying as she moaned and talked dirty to me. She came while I did doggy and I soon lost my load while we did doggy. I went in to clean up, my choice, and came back where we laid in bed and massaged each other while talking. She is very friendly and easy to talk to. We then started to deep kissing and I went down and started to suck on her nipples which she enjoyed as she moaned. I then went down and started oral on her. She tasted great. She kept saying how good it felt and started gyrating as I did oral on her. I did finger in her box while doing oral on her. She said she wanted my cock and we did missionary while we were deep french kissing . Her pussy is so tight and it really felt good around my cock. She talked dirty while we did missionary and kept saying how good it felt. I came while we did missionary and she came a third time right after I came. I went in to cleanup, my choice and came back to get dressed. We talked about her coming back while I got dressed. We hugged and kissed deep kissing some more and I left with a huge smile on my face. She isn't a clock watcher and made me feel like a king. I had an incredible time with her and cannot wait until she comes back so I can see her again. Hell, I may even make a special trip to her home base to see her!
She caught my interest immediately- and when I saw her pics I was in hot pursuit. (I have come to appreciate the special sensuality of Mature women) Confirmed she was available when I was free the next day. A Fabulous experience with hot Milf Lady! Our communication took on an unusual degree of connection and shared humor, and the passion of our time together was sheer breathless. Her beautiful eyes were mesmerizing, but her mouth- the DFKs and cock caresses were what slayed me- her tongue should be a licensed weapon! It was truly was a Bond Girl experience. As we disrobed each other, the kissing and fondling escalated until I had her in bed on top of me. As we kissed, my mouth went down to her full breasts. While licking and sucking on them (which she enjoyed immensely), I reached around to caress her ass and my fingers came up to play with her very wet pussy. Her heavy breathing in my ear had me rock hard and ready! Delightful! My raging cock was almost immediately in her mouth! Her BBBJ skills were spectacular, it was absolute heaven- the very best Ive ever had! Writing it now just builds my anticipation to see her again! We went through several positions that brought us mutual pleasure, - Cowgirl was particularly special with her bouncing tits and passionate kisses punctuating the thrusting ride. But I had to go back to her BBBJ skills before I finished. She resumed that until she brought me to shivering climax on her face and breasts. She tenderly cleaned me up and brought a warm cloth to finish. Our final moments were spent with more kissing and cuddling, and some great conversation. I truly felt like a left a new friend. Pink Lady is one hot and sensuous lover, don't miss her if you love the slow and sensuous passion she can share. Highly recommend. Please treat her well, Gents!
Guys if you’re looking for a true, mature, passionate, intense, awesome sexual experience with the very best, then book a session with Pink Lady! She is very beautiful, who looks even better in person. Setup was relatively easy with usual text setup. Requested to see her in thigh highs and lingerie and Boy o Boy Pink Lady did not disappoint. Jaw dropping experience entering her room on a warm day in Calgary. Gave initial intros, dropped donation, showered and raced out to find her smiling and waiting for me. Opted for the full experience including Greek and glad I did! We dfk like teenagers as she made sure my guy was at attention then I had her bring her sweet ass in my face as she deep throated bbbj me and gave plenty attention to my balls with a cum to remember. One of the best BBBJ I’ve had in a long time... possibly the very best ! Can’t believe this girl had a beautiful face and eyes to go along with that beautiful ass! I was in heaven. Naturally we moved to Greek in doggie and I nearly lost it. Had to take a quick breather which she kept on DFK me...all was just so fluid. Went back at anal... wow purely heavenly! And fellas I’m not religious but I was buying! Couldn’t last any longer and asked to finish on her beautiful ass...she said of course Baby! She brought out the lube and I went to town on that beautiful ass and she took every single drop! We rested a bit and still had time remaining as she initiated some action with another amazing BBBJ followed by missionary then some Russian with those amazing man made breasts! I couldn’t finish on time but she was such a pleasure to be with and definitely did her best to give me 2 pops :) In finale... I envy anyone who’s able to see her!
This lady has it all! I was immediately blown away by her beautiful face, fantastic body and friendly attitude. I met this sexual dynamo in an upscale hotel and she delivered big time. Wow! What I should also note is that Pink Lady is someone you would be equally happy with at an event, dinner or just a quiet evening at home for just the two of you. She can make you feel really special if you treat her right. So after a few texts, I arrived at her upscale hotel. I am greeted by my absolutely beautiful lady, with a warm smile, great attitude and FANTASTIC body. Although I prefer natural boobs, her body is so incredible (especially that ass and those great legs), I knew I had plenty to keep me happy. She greeted me in a sexy tight blue dress that hugged every inch of that gorgeous frame. After a nice kiss and hug, I hit the shower When I returned, she was on the bed dressed in a sexy underwear set, but that did not stay on long. We did talk briefly but honestly, it was blur. I was totally and completely overtaken by her and she knew it. Still wrapped in a towel, things started with her on the bed and me standing for a great, uncovered, oral session. She showcased all of her skills and completely took care of me. As wonderful as this was, and it was WONDERFUL, I don't typically orgasm that way, so I decided to return the favor and move things along. This seemed to really warm her up and after a little time, we moved into the main show. We started in missionary where Pink Lady was very encouraging. We had lots of DFK and I was really turned on and stiffer than normal. She certainly noticed my excitement. This seemed to help her as well and her pace quickened as she set the rhythm she needed to maximize her on pleasure. Before long, she was announcing the arrival of her orgasm. She didn't need much time to settle down, flipped me over and climbed on top where her heat was still on high. She rode at various speeds in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. In reverse cowgirl, she lifted her ass enough for me to provide some anal play (including insertion) which she likes. Although, I am not sure if she would orgasm again, I do know that she got super wet. All of this took me to the edge but I knew I had to get behind that ass to finish. So, I flipped her over, slid a pillow under and we had a nice, hot, doggie session where I finished. We talked for a bit and then I noticed I had about 10-minutes left and asked her if we could play again. She said , "of course" and off we went again. Pink Lady did not rush me and allowed me to enjoy her a second time. I was not able to finish again and did not want to go over time too much, so I ended my attempt at round 2, quickly showered and said our goodbyes. She did give me a great goodbye kiss and we talked about seeing each other again!
Had been seeing Pink Lady ads for a while and read a few of her reviews and wanted to visit. I sent a text and got an immediate response. Set up was easy. Sent a text the morning of and was given directions to her home. I texted Pink Lady upon arrival and was given directions to her door, and off I went for one of the most fun 90 minutes I have had in quite some time!!I I was greeted at the door by a gorgeous girl who immediately gave me a hug and started kissing me and feeling me all over. She is like the energizer bunny. She is simply amazing. We stood at the doorway DFK for a while. Boy can this girl kiss!! It was awesome we did not stop kissing the whole 90 minutes. Did I say that this girl loves to kiss!! Her kisses were making me hot all over. She pushes me down on the bed and straddles me and I realize that she is wearing a sexy dress with no panties on. She is rubbing her pussy all over my crotch and I could feel her getting wet. She pulls my shirt off of me and unbuckles my pants and goes right back to rubbing her pussy all over me and kissing me so passionately that it was mind blowing. She then removes my underwear and starts to kiss her way down to start the most awesome Bbbj ever. She went at this for a good 15 minutes. I asked her to please sit on my face and she gets up, I slide down and she eases her already wet pussy onto my face. Oh my it was the best tasting pussy ever. She took control and gyrated her hips and was moaning etc. She then bends over kisses me some more and tells me that she really needs my hard cock in her wet pussy. She slides me into her and we go at mish for a good 20 minutes with her going up and down and sideways and, oh my it was awesome. OH MY God this was amazing. We went at this for a while and I ended up pulling her to the end of the bed so that I could stand and really fuck her hard. I had to tear my socks off so that I could get traction. We both were sweating etc. We fell onto the bed to catch our breaths for about 5 minutes. She had her hands on my cock the whole time and then all of a sudden climbs back on and starts riding me even harder. We go at this for another 15 minutes and she senses that I am not going to cum so she starts to deep throat me. The girl loves, loves pleasing her man! She says that I can cum in her mouth or I could cum all over her tits and face. So I pull my cock out of her mouth and start to stroke it hard and she is looking right at me saying I want to feel that hot cum all over my tits and face. That get's me crazy so I reach down with 2 fingers and start finger fucking her pussy and pounding my cock and she is screaming how sexy is this. We are watching this in the mirror and then I shoot this huge hot load of cum all over her tits and she just rubs my cum all over her nipples and pulls me to her and we kiss for what seemed like forever. She is an amazing fuck!!! By far, the very best I’ve ever had!!! I did not even catch my breath before I asked if I could come back to see her her again!!! She said "You better"
I heard of Pink Lady’s arrival through Backpage. I had met her once before so off I went, and I'm glad I did. Recommended, definitely. So I saw Pink Lady and she looked beautiful, just as I remembered -- first, she had such sexy eyes, and second, she has curves in all the right places. All of which was cool by me, and we started kissing almost immediately with DFKs. We groped each other and after a brief standing BBBJ, soon she was on her back as I went to town with DATY. I kept going and she moaned her approval. From there it got kinky as she rummaged through my bag o goodies and spied some rope, and so we rigged the bed, tied me down and she rode my mouth for almost forever. Her gusto was awesome and I egged her on, maybe too much as I may have pushed her to be more aggressive than what she found arousing. That's on me, but it was great anyway. Soon she mounted me, and rode me for a longggg time. She is a sight to see on top, with her body and amazing pierced breasts bouncing but only a bit given their firmness. I couldn't quite get there and we switched to doggy which was a great view of her perfect ass! After only a few minutes, I blew my load deep inside her! She felt sooooo good! Then time was up… so off to the shower, and after chilling over some wine I was off into the night. I cannot wait to see her again, and you should book her as soon as you can!
Found the great girl Pink Lady in my area of Calgary. Easy to set up a call with her. I communicated with her the entire time I was out there on business. On the date of the appointment, She texted me a few times, teased me and got me ready. I almost went back the next day! Pink Lady is a Must See! I arrived at her home on time, and it did not take long before we got very playful. She suggested we move to the bedroom and it was game on from there. This lady is sexually charged and was wet and ready in no time. I was DFK, and kissing her neck and squeezing her tits and she started to moan, I reached between her legs and started to rub her sweet spot and she started to gush! Wow was hot. She then told me to roll over and started the very best BBBJ with a lot of spit, and DATO. I ask her to slow down because I didn't want to shoot to quick, after a few more minutes of that I wanted to return the favor, I started to DATY on her juices, the feeling was amazing. We moved to the main course, we hit many different positions. She really seemed to enjoy K9 and the view for k9 is great. I busted my load on her face. We laid in bed for a few got up showered together and I got dressed and was on my way. I will repeat as often as possible when she is here again!
Pink Lady has been on my radar for a long time. She pays us a visit once in a while; so this time our schedule finally matched. I got in contact with Pink Lady, which was not a problem because she texted me back right away. She met all my expectations... Once I arrived at her room and she opened the door, there was a very pretty woman ready for me in sexy lingerie and black silk thigh high stockings. I jumped in the shower and I joined Pink Lady in bed. She can kiss and boy we kissed passionately for a quite a while lots of tongue. I laid her on her back where I explored her sexy boxy, I leaked from head until I reached her beautiful natural pussy. She has beautiful, clean soft and smooth pussy which was begging for exploration. I ate her out until her body was pulsating and got very wet. when I was done, she gave an excellent Bbbj and swallow. She swallowed the whole load without hesitation; by that time my dick was hard again ready for penetration. We fucked in missionary position DFK the entire time. I lasted a little bit until I popped deep in the pussy. I wanted her so bad, I could have gone for another round but we could do that when I see her again. She has no attitude, smiled a lot which made the experience more enjoyable. I can’t wait to see Pink Lady again on her next visit.
Easy to schedule and work with Pink Lady as always. Done all with text as I'm a repeat customer. Got to her home and behind the door is a 5'5" sweet, beautiful lady. I had been keeping an eye out for Pink Lady for a long time. When we met again I Loved it! Beautiful eyes, Great smile, sweet laugh. Just wanted to keep talking to her to get those looks out of her. Excused myself to shower... Came out in a towel and she had stripped down to sexy lingerie. Wanted her to stand up as most providers rarely wear lingerie and thigh high silky stockings. I found myself staring at her smile and admiring her body. Kissed her all over and stripped off her undies. Guys, I stare at her beauty and she just looks right back at you...through everything. It's awesome as she's so hot. Got onto the bed and got into missionary while DFK, then I kneeled up to see that body and she put her leg up on my shoulder. Went at this for 10 mins and then I sat on the edge of the bed while she kneeled for BBBJ while I stared at her directly and in the mirror. Stood up for standing BBBJ til I shot into her open mouth. Half of it dribbled out onto her tits as she smiled. Straight from a porn video. She went to clean up and after she came out, we lay there cuddling and chatting until it was time for me to go...and know that I definitely wanted to stay.
Pink Lady was such a sweetheart and made me feel very comfortable. She has a great sense of humor and great conversationalist. It was nice to get to know her a bit. She created a very relaxed experience for me and I will definitely want to see her when she is back in town. She gave such an amazing GFE experience... with an amazingly naughty side... When Pink Lady welcomed me in her hotel room, she was wearing a sexy little black lingerie dress. After she made me feel comfortable with conversation on the couch, she led me back to the bedroom. We began kissing very deeply in bed and her tongue felt so good in my mouth. She is a very enthusiastic kisser which drove me crazy. I began to lick her neck and she immediately encouraged me by moaning louder and louder. I began to touch her body and reach into her panties. As I slowly ventured down I waited to make sure she was okay with me doing this. As she encouraged me, I then started grazing her inner thighs and around her pussy with my fingers. I then felt how amazingly wet she was when I started to finger the area around her clit. I greatly enjoyed this because it seemed like she was enjoying my touch and getting wetter. This turned me on and she giggled when she felt my erection get bigger through my jeans. I then slowly slid one of my fingers (and then added a second) into her pussy and started exploring for the G spot. I played with her for a while and then she took control and got me on my back, which was really fucking hot. She took off her dress and bra, exposing her immaculate breasts. She then took my pants off and spit on my dick. She started sucking my hard penis and then licking up and down the shaft. She eventually made her way down to my balls and explored the whole area with her perfect tongue. She then climbed on top of me, and oh my god her pussy felt so wet and warm. She rode me so hard and it drove me crazy. I then got on top and we fucked in missionary for a while. It felt amazing when I moved her legs so that I could enter her deeper. She seemed to enjoy this too. I then asked her what she liked and she said she enjoyed doggy style. She then turned around unprompted and stuck her gorgeously cute ass up toward me. I entered her and we enjoyed each other in doggy style for a while. I began to feel self-conscious about not cumming and explained that I tend to take a while. She was so amazingly sweet and understanding. She told me it was okay and then told me to get on my back. She began sucking and then using her hands to give me an awesome handjob. During the handjob she looked me in the eyes and opened her mouth while licking my tip. Unfortunately I was not able to cum even though I was feeeling pure bliss and ecstasy. We spent the rest of the time cuddling in bed, talking, and laughing a lot. She is seriously such an amazing girl. She is so smart, sweet, and funny that it is hard not to fall in love with her. Pink Lady is easily the very best Provider I have ever been with! Guys you should treat all women with respect but especially to her. She deserves nothing but the best. She is such a sweet girl and gave an amazing GFE… with a naughty side.
Oh my god...Pink Lady is an absolute goddess! When I first saw her, my jaw dropped at this gorgeous girl coming to the door to get me. I felt so lucky. She has such an amazing body and, even though her pictures are sexy as hell, she is much sexier in real life. Her sexy curves go on for days and it was such a treat just staring at her beautiful body. Moreover, She looks like a super model with a combination and cute mixed in with a fiery sexy. It was so easy to talk with Pink Lady and we found ourselves on the bed exchanging stories and laughing so much. I felt so comfortable with her and as she started to feel comfortable with me, she began making more physical contact while we talked. When she touches it's indescribable. Things then started to get really hot… She then began kissing me and her tongue was so warm and wet. Trust me when I say that she knows exactly how to use her tongue in all the right ways. She then removed her bra and her amazingly huge tits popped right out. This was one of the most amazing things I've seen. She then removed her panties and got close to me. I still am thinking about the softness of her skin and the warmth I felt when her bare skin touched mine. I then explored her immaculate pussy with my fingers and she was so amazingly wet. While fingering her, I couldn't help but explore the rest of her perfect body with my hand. Her curves still drive me nuts when I think about her. Trust me, Pink Lady is not one you will ever forget. She then put her mouth on my dick and began sucking it up and down. What was sexy as hell is she started talking dirty to me while sucking my dick and moaning. She told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth as I gently touched her face while she sucked my dick. Her blowjob felt so good that I didn't even need anything else. Pink Lady is definitely someone you won't be able to see just once! She definitely deserves to be treated like the goddess she is!
Saw on Backpage that Pink Lady would be back home in Calgary and, seeing her previous reviews, I was eager to see her. Made the arrangements and met her at her home. She is every bit what I had hoped to see and then some. She was shy initially, but in no time was a joy to engage with. She is a very sexy mature lady, with curves and beautiful face… and ohhhhh those eyes! Pink Lady greeted me wearing sexy lingerie. She had a beautiful, face. Someone else said she looked like Kathleen Turner, and that is spot on. We chatted a bit to ease the tension. She seemed shy...I suppose meeting someone new can do that. I threw in a few self-deprecating one-liners at her to set her at ease. She smiled a lot and got more comfortable. I excused myself for a shower. I came back to the bed and she was sitting there with her bra and panties. Sat next to her and after a few short words, we were off DFKing! We were intertwined in a full embrace as we kissed. She matched me in height so we were in perfect position as we groped each other. I took off her bra and sucked on her pierced nipples, which she enjoyed. Took off her panties to reveal her full, shaven pussy. I dove right in with DATY. I started slow, then picked up the pace... slowed again until I sensed that she was close and increased my finger and tongue action until she was soaked. She remarked on how good my technique was. She then grabbed my cock and gave the best BBBJ I’ve ever had. I wanted to get the real show started so I entered her tight kitty. We locked eyes as I thrusted myself deep into her. We kissed passionately as I went deeper with each thrust. I'd then grab her legs and placed them on my shoulders to get deeper. She never lost eye contact! She moaned in pleasure. I spun her around for some DOGGY and found myself once again on top of her. We never lost body-to-body contact as we fucked and kissed. Sensing that I was near the edge of cumming, I pounded her harder and finally blew my load deep inside her. We laid there for a bit and chatted. Her shyness was gone and became more affectionate. I knew my time was near the end, so I got up to clean up. We chatted as I got dressed and said that we'd hope to see each other again. I will definitely make that part of my plan when she's home in town! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Class A**** Her service location is very nice. Upscale home with a nice clean smell and perfect setting for imitate visit. I was thoroughly impressed with her body language… I can tell she really takes pride in her service!!! Hands down 1st experience and best $200 quick session First of I was amazed at how beautiful she was and her skin complexion was flawless... no stretch marks nice seductive eyes etc. didn't rush or look at the clock. She started off with slow seductive kissing and rubbing her breasts on my cock until it got hard, then with them piercing eyes of hers she gazed into my eyes she began to give me some good warm oral pleasure while keeping her mouth really wet... After that I placed her on her back and went in deep and boy oh boy let's just say her skin is soft and her breast is soft… flip her over and had her arch her back and put that big nice round soft pretty ass in the air and dug good and deep and I came with wondrous pleasure. Overall an A****** rating will save her info and link up again… and she is the real deal flawless body and was amazing to look at! She gave all of this in quick session for $200
She is a charming and genuinely passionate woman sensitive to your every need!
Very attractive, Stunning body & eyes, Better than advertised. Ok, so I'm just getting around to this post. Definitely a regular. Been seeing her weekly since she started in Calgary. I am always excited when Pink Lady is in town. Always meet at her upscale location, at times that are convenient for my schedule. Every time I have met with her, it has been an experience I will never forget. Greeted at the door with heels, lingerie and a sexy smile ????????????????????????. The entire hour is spent with her treating you like a King. There is no feeling of being rushed, so conversation is amazing and you can go at your own pace. She is very clean and safe. From day one, I have felt relaxed in her presence, which keeps me coming back. Cannot stress how amazing she is. Gotta see it to believe it.
I visited with Her when she was in Red Deer. Very long unrushed session. I would recommend her to anyone. She was absolutely, incredibly sexy and made me feel like a young man again!
Very attractive, and obviously takes care of herself. Quite chatty, but I was okay with that... it put me at ease quickly. I met at her at her safe discreet location. She was wearing lingerie and black silk stockings. Stripped to nothing while we chatted some more. Gave a great blow job and swallow without condom...was the very best bareback blowjob and swallow I have ever had. Let me finger her and go down on her. She seems to enjoy her job very much! Started missionary, then she asked me to fuck her doggy style... fantastic view! In all, paid for 30 minutes plus tip...spent about 50 minutes there. No clock watching... great, relaxed experience!
Beautiful, Sexy lady! Her eyes capture you the instant you see her! Her place was very nice, clean, relaxing and great location. She was outstanding!
I saw that she was back in Calgary for the weekend and thought since it had been a long while since I had seen her, I would re-visit her to see if she had lost a step over the last year or so. I am so happy to report that she has NOT lost anything since I saw her last. She is still one of the most beautiful women I have had the pleasure of spending time with. Her smile is amazing and lights up her entire face. Her body is still built for speed, sex and sin. We started out by meeting for lunch at a small café near her incall location. Even dressed "down" for a lunch meeting, waiter’s heads were turning when they saw her walk in and sit with me. I know it was because of her, but I liked the VIP treatment we received from that point on. We caught up on our lives since we had not been in touch for all that time and after paying the lunch bill, we headed out and to her place for some afternoon delight. Walking arm-in-arm with a woman of her looks definitely attracts people's interest as many people watched us walk down the sidewalk and then into her home. I know most were probably wondering what a beautiful woman like her was doing with a Shrek "look-a-like" like me, but I ate it up nonetheless. We entered her home and upon entering the landing, we started making out like long lost lovers. I had forgotten that she is a world class kisser. We made our way to her bedroom and upon entering; She proceeded to show me how much she missed me. Pink Lady is certainly someone you should see at least once. She puts on one hell of a show, and I know I’ll be coming back for more!
Very strong hourglass shape with perfect breasts and butt. Skin was soft and she smelled amazing. Very pretty face with a cute smile and sexy voice. Absolute full package I set up an appointment for a half hour and showed up before she was ready. According to her she thought she didn't look as good as usual but I seriously disagree. We sat and got to know each other for a few minutes as she began to undress, her pictures honestly don't do her justice. After a few minutes she had me undress and get comfortable, you can guess the rest. She was incredibly sweet and gentle and made it very easy to talk about what I wanted. She is a total professional but she was very down to earth. After we finished up we sat and talked for the rest of the 30 minutes and she just laid naked on the bed the whole time. You get what you pay for and she was worth every penny, I left feeling new and good about myself. If you just want a quickie I suggest you look elsewhere cause she's more of a body and soul type of girl, but if you are patient and have the time, she's someone you'll never forget.
Pink Lady is a goddess and a freak! She loves what she does and it shows. Pssst... She loves Greek and her ass is something out of this world! She was very easy to communicate with. She made setting up to see her a breeze through text. She was sweet and engaging. Her look is sultry, stylish and super sexy... Don’t miss out on Pink Lady!!!
Smokin' Hot Weapons Grade!
I made arrangements with her. I normally have my new friends come see me but this time I was traveling with my partner, So I decided to see her at her Red Deer downtown location. She a very beautiful woman. She’s curvy and exotic. She is stunning! I love her soft skin. She opened the door and my jaw dropped! She has a stunning face and perfect ass. I immediately got excited. She greeted me with a nice DFK kiss. She laid me down on the bed and started to small talk and we enjoyed a glass of wine. After some small talk I started for her beautiful breasts. They are pierced which i thought is a little different but I didn’t mind. I ripped off her bra and started sucking on her nipples. She headed straight down south for some hot BBBJ. She moved from dick to my balls while giving me heavy eye contact. I had to pull away I didn’t want to finish too quickly. I wanted that pussy! So I moved down for some of that DATY. She was very responsive and her pussy tasted awesome! She whispered she wanted me inside her and we started with a little MISH, DOGGY, CG and reverse cowgirl. She got real loud and came all over my wet dick. I finally pulled out of her and she started more BBBJ until I blew a huge load and she swallowed it all. She cleaned me up and we chatted a bit. She is super sweet and very engaging. I wanted to fuck her tight pussy again but she reminded me are time was almost up. Being respectful for her time I hopped in the shower. Pink Lady is very sexy and I know I’ll be seeing her often…
Her Website Pictures are hot. She is smokin' hot in person. Fun, PSE, an incredible session. See her whenever you can!
Been trying to connect with her for a while now, and finally hooked up with her in Edmonton when she was traveling. She is a little older than other providers, but boy is she in shape. Sexy. Fun. Mature. Warm. We met for drinks at the lounge, and immediately I was getting hard. After one glass of wine, she excused herself to her room while I settled up (getting a second glass of CAB for the room for each of us.) I knocked on her door... and the sexy black tight dress she was wearing at the bar was gone... she was in an incredibly sexy teddy black thong and black thigh high silk stockings. The door closed and the kissing began. Wet, heavy kissing with her amazing tongue. She is so worth it. Incredible lady with amazing skills.
***** Five stars as always. Our most recent encounter in Lethbridge was as memorable as ever and apparently we were a little noisy. Lol
I saw Her several weeks ago for the second time and she is undoubtedly one of the nicest, sweetest, and most genuine ladies I have met in the "biz;" she not only beautiful, but gracious and kind...and... truly enjoys leaving you breathless and wanting more!
If She continues visiting Edmonton regularly, boys, we're in for a treat. She was ready and waiting and I met her at her hotel at 6:30 AM (that's in the morning) and she met me at the door with a very sexy outfit lingerie, high heels, stockings and a fantastic smile and the sexiest eyes I’ve ever seen. The 1st thing anyone would notice is those magnificent boobs... I was waiting to feel them and play with them...but started with brief chit chat... which made me feel so comfortable with her, I wasn't able to control myself anymore and wanted to feel those amazing boobs... Squeezing them and licking them... She gave me an amazing Bbbj and then doggy... So nice to hold those bouncing tits.... After 20 to 30mins of hardcore activities (missionary, doggy, standing, few other favs...) It was time to finish off.... If you have the chance to meet this wonderful woman Pink Lady, you’ll understand why I can’t get enough of her!
Each time I see her it gets better and better!
She is one of the most awesome ladies I have met in the industry, with a manifold array of gifts and talents; she is beautiful, profoundly intelligent, interesting, filled with art and soul of spirit, with a kind and lovely heart--a gift! Oh so cute, fun, gentle, kind, passionate, and romantic lady, capable of deep intimacy. This was my first session with Pink Lady and I would recommend her in heartbeat; mine is still glowing from the session!
Great meeting! Excellent Woman of Substance, Presence and Generosity!
Pink Lady is a down to earth lady. She has the body type that I am into. I will repeat. Started out with touching and kissing those 42Ds of hers and then had her lay belly down between my legs on the bed giving me the very BBBJ I’ve ever had. Not the sloppy wet BBBJ that i usually prefer but the sensual kind, while playing with the boys. After a short while, went to DATY, 69 for quite some time, and then she swallowed all of me. After some kisses and conversation she sucked me back to hard and I finished her Doggy Style. We laid there for a while and after couple minutes, I went to wash up and got dressed to leave. Never felt like I was rushed. She is a down to earth gal who seems to REALLY get into the session. Will definitely become a regular of hers and can’t a wait to see her again. A Must See!
Wow! What an Enchanting, Beautiful and Intelligent woman Pink Lady is! I would see Her again..and again...and again!
Pink Lady is a very sensuous, gorgeous lady that provides a true GFE experience. Don't miss this one, guys!
*** There are hundreds of great Canadian Escorts, some luxurious, some practical, some expensive, some frugal, some exciting, some pedestrian, some supremely satisfying and some not-- but you know when you slide into Pink Lady, you know that you have reached a completely different level of Euphoria!
Highly recommended her - See Pink Lady when she's in town!
Called her to set up the appointment as soon as I saw she was coming to town. She has the sexiest voice. I had seen her awhile ago and was looking forward to her coming back!
Blonde and beautiful… Strangely enough, I was more nervous to meet her than her meeting me. She's something out of my league, that only pay for play would ever be possible. Hey, I'm just being real. Wasn't able to get a hold of her the first time I called. But she did get back to me saying that she missed a call. Pink Lady is fine. Tits are huge D's that are very soft, pierced and damn they are good. She's got that curvy figure, with all the curves in all the right places. She let me DATY long, but it was enough to get her kitty going. She then gave me a Bbbj. She got on top for the beginning action. I honestly could have laid there and just watch her. Sat up and started to kiss those tits of hers and we changed to missionary. This is where I lost control of myself and busted a nut deep inside her. Pink Lady is gorgeous. Hot Mature Woman is off my bucket list…
Pink Lady is a very Beautiful, Sensual, Classy Lady!
An awesome true MILF experience for me. A total sweet heart with a lot of personality.
She looked amazing, very pretty and curves all over! Her photos are accurate and there's many more on other sites if you're skeptical. She did her best to set up an appointment that worked with my schedule. When I finally saw her I was amazed; she was the same person as in the photos. She was very friendly and her body was amazing. She smelled and tasted heavenly. I have no complaints. I would have enjoyed her a lot more if I hadn't been so nervous. I will definitely see her next time she's in my city.
To My Surprise The Best I Have Ever Been With!!!
Was able to arrange a last minute visit with her on her last day in town. She was wonderful, gracious and oh sooooo sexy. A beautiful woman who enjoys what she does. She is very good at it and is shows. I will very much be a Regular of hers when she's in town.